Pleasant surprise in Milano

Dear Folks,
Saturday night I had the opportunity to receive here in Milano some friends and together with my family we went out for dinner.
Having a Gourmet Blog gives me a huge responsibility when choosing and/or proposing a Restaurant.
Well I’ve managed to do it again, the chosen Restaurant is a small pleasant surprise that I would like to share with all my readers.
It is called “28 posti” that is 28 places, the capacity of this small cute restaurant right in the heart of the trendy quartier of “Naviglio Grande”.
It is a minimalistic modern design restaurant with open view kitchen, as you not feel the pressure of prententious posh place you can relax and feel more at home.
The owners of the Restaurant are very concerned about many important issues such as Km0 (that is local suppliers to avoid pollution in the distribution process), Rehabilitation and Social issue: the furniture of the Restaurant was built by Prisoners from a nearby prison and also real prisoners’ are part of the Team of the Chef of the Restaurant, meaning that after work they have to return back to the prison.
The Menu is characterized by good quality fresh nature products, divided in a Fish Menu and a Vegetarian one.
We have decided to follow a “degustacion” Fish Menu that included also wines that were especially selected to each individual course because of taste, texture and flavours.
It was delicious and course after course (there are quite many little courses) one will find a pleasant delicious and fresh surprise.
Did I managed to arouse your curious you? Then pay a deserved visit to 28 Posti in Milano.
Bon Appetit,

Chef Gourmet Du Art

Here's the contacts:

Ristorante 28 Posti
Via Corsico 1-3. Milano.
Tel. +39 02.8392377

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