Portuguese Wines celebrated with 23 medals at the Wine International Competition of Lyon

Dear Folks,
Once again, Portuguese wines are being awarded in main international competitions, this time in France.
Portugal was awarded with a total of 23 medals during the last International Lyon event, such competition in renowned for Gastronomy and good taste.
With a total of 9 gold medals and 14 silver ones, the wines are from different areas of Portugal, from Douro to Setubal and from Dao to Alentejo (to enumerate a few).
The Jury from the Competition awarded in its majority the Reds but there are also two Rosés and seven Whites. The most awarded wine was the Quinta Vale d’Aldeia (from the city of Guarda) with a total of four medals.
In one of the most prestigious wine competitions of the world, the Jury analysed more than 3.685 wines from 22 different countries.
Here’s my humble contribution for the Portuguese wine awareness in the world and as someone once said “the best wine kept secret of the world”.
If you have the opportunity pay a visit to my country and make a toast with a wonderful Portuguese wine.
Bon Appetit.

Chef Gourmet Du Art

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