I can “Grill Fresh Fish”

Well folks, Summer is here, and so many of us profit such marvellous weather and prepare lovely meal out in the open.
For the lucky few that can use the Barbecue Grill, here’s my small secret that will add that needed contribution for a lovely meal of grilled fresh fish.
As you know, I am Portuguese and Portugal is famous for its Sea Food and Fresh Fish dishes. Well, it seems at first glance that grilling fish is easy, don’t get me wrong it is but I will share with you my family tricks.
I advice Seabream, Sole, Dorade types.
First, prepare a good steady charcoal fire, at least one hour before grilling the fish. You must only have the heat from charcoal and not from the fire flames.
Second, the fish must be fresh and properly clean (ask to be cleaned and prepared at the Fish Shop or Supermarket).
Third, make two cuts in the fish body (diagonal) and place a shopped garlic inside (believe me it’s worth it and delicious).
Forth, add large sea salt grains over the fish.
Place the fish to grill, control both the flames (no flames) and do not let the fish burn (more or less 10/15m depending of the heath of your grill.
Serve the fish with boiled potatoes and mixed salad.
I advice a good Portuguese Rose Wine (chilled) or a White Muller Thurgau from Italy or then again it seems that chilled Lambrusco now-a-days it became trendy with Seafood and Fish (Red Sparkling Italian Wine).
Hope that you enjoy it.
Bon Apetit.
Your Chef Gourmet Du Art

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