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Dear Readers, first of all, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year 2011, I sincerely hope that the New Year will be full of successes and wonderful things, both to you and to your loved ones.
The first Post of the New Year is dedicated to “Cuisine Naturelle” or Natural Cuisine.
As you know, I always try to write concerning new trends, fashions and hypes regarding the wonderful world of Gourmet. Prior to this new Post I would like to clarify that I do not consider Natural Cuisine as a Trend but as a healthy and philosophical choice for a new way of life.
So, a new year usually means changes and choices, so here’s my humble contribution.
I have interviewed the wife of a colleague and friend of mine, Chef of “Cuisine Naturelle”. Prior to this excellent and elucidative conversation allow me to present her for all you readers:
Ramona Saviola, 46 years old, obtained her Diploma at “La Sana Gola” of Milano (School and Restaurant), completing her course, not only, as a Chef of “Cuisine Naturelle” but also as a Food Therapist. Since a couple of years, she organizes both collective and invidual courses of “Cuisine Naturelle”, events and Brunch of Vegan, Vegetarian, Macrobiotic and Ethnic Cuisine. Her motto is “Dimmi come e cosa mangi e ti dirĂ² chi sei” that is: “Tell me how and what you eat and I will tell you who you are”.

So, Ramona, thank you for your time and availability, you know that yours is the first ever interview of this Blog, I do hope that it brings luck for both of us.
My pleasure Chef Du Art, it is a big responsibility, but I am ready for it.

Ramona, please tell us what is "Cuisine Naturelle"?
My “Cuisine Naturelle” has its genesis out of the principles of Macrobiotic from Michio Kushi, but it evolves according to the basics of traditional cuisine. That is the importance of: Products Seasonality and its origin (most of them organic), to the various stiles of cooking and not only to the various nutritional values but also to their energetic values.
Essentially is a Vegan “Cuisine” with occasional use of several Fish recipes. I do not use meat of any kind neither milk/lacticines, eggs or sugar but instead I use Cereals, Vegetables and Vegetable Proteins such as seitan, tofu and tempeh, greens, herbs, fresh/dry fruits, sweeteners, natural aroma, seeds and algae.

In which context arrives in your life the "Cuisine Naturelle"?
It was the consequence of various choices in my way of life, in which, step by step I have made while searching for my harmony with the surrounding world. I have always considered “Cuisine” as an important mean to socialize, grow and discover our world.

I couldn’t agree more with your definition of “Cuisine”. Please tell us, Are you Vegetarian? If so, can you tell us how it happened?
I have been a total Vegan for almost 4 years, then for several and various motives, in the last two years, I have reinserted the occasional use of ingredients such as Fish and Eggs. Due to a spiritual enterprise, both my husband and I have removed the total use of Meat and its derivates from our diet, thus we found ourselves paying more attention in our daily shopping and having a more conscious purchasing habits. We are a common visit in the various “Cuisine Naturelle”/Organic products shops. In the beginning we were mingling between unknown products but at the same time such situation had an effect in our curiosity. So, I have started experimenting recipes with all this new and exciting products, with many different end results. Some of them terrible, thus I have decided to undertake a course that could enable me to properly prepare them.

Still, "Cuisine Naturelle" is not only made for Vegans or Vegetarians, correct?
Absolutely not! It is correct to say that it is all about reinsert all sorts of forgotten ingredients that are very important, if not vital to our good health, that is Cereals, Seeds, Greens, Seasonal Fruits, etc. Proceeding with this natural path, one will find itself diminishing not only, the consumption of animal products, but also artificial products. You grow to be more conscious with what you are eating.

Have you done a specific course of "Cuisine Naturelle"?
I have started with a Basic course and then I have upgrade it to a Diploma as Chef in “Cuisine Naturelle” and as a Food Therapist.

Not only Vegetarians appreciated "Cuisine Naturelle", is it so?
I have experienced fierce “carnivorous” that undertaking (with some scepticism) the Basic Course, have learned to appreciate the “Cuisine Naturelle” and have reviewed their eating habits. Recently, I have found at my “Vegetarian Functions” many “not vegetarians” customers very happy for the flavours and harmony of the various dishes that they were experimenting.

The "Gourmet" world and the "Cuisine Naturelle" are closer or are worlds apart?
The Natural Cuisine does not mean the sad lettuce on a dish; personally I amuse myself while transforming many traditional or Ethnic “Gourmet” dishes (many of them famous) in a totally natural version, with the amusement and surprise of the various customers. We are able to develop many so-called “fusion” dishes.

Can you please tell us if by any chance there are famous Restaurants that have adopted in their “MenĂ¹” dishes of "Cuisine Naturelle"?
The famous Chef Pietro Leemann in its Ristorante "Joia" in Milano proposes many creative/artistic High Cuisine Vegan/Vegetarian dishes.

You have mentioned Milano, where, any of our readers, can enjoy "Cuisine Naturelle" in that city?
At Ristorante"La Sana Gola" in via Farini 70, inside the restaurant chain "Mens@Sana", Ristorante "Il grande cerchio" in via Buonarroti 8, the Ristorante "Joia" in via Panfilo castaldi 18, and Ristorante "l'ordine dell'universo" in via Belinzaghi 17, each and every one with its own particulars and different ways but with one sole scope, pass on the importance of healthy diet.

I believe that you have managed to create a lot of curiosity in our Readers, I know I have! Which recipes/dishes do you suggest and why?
I suggest a diet based in Soups, Cereals (especially in grain), Greens, Seasonal Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds and Algae. Recipes? Well, there are so many and each and every one has its importance. My advice is in the form of a question: “Why change your Diet? Because it means not only a change in your eating habits but also a big change in yourself, in your life and in your own vision of the world that surround you”.

For our Readers that will be interested in learning the art of "Cuisine Naturelle", what is your suggestion?
There are many courses of “Cuisine Naturelle” advertised on the web, I myself organize both collective and/or individual courses (in house).Here is my contact: hindin@fastwebnet.it

Thank you so much for your interview and let us learn and share a bit of your Gourmet world.
You are welcome, it is I that thank the “I can Gourmet” Blog for your outmost interest.

Well, dear Readers, I hope that you have enjoyed the first post of 2011, please remember that thoughts, opinions and comments are responsibility of every and each one of us. I advocate the liberty of free thinking, free speech and enjoy discussing and learning new points of view, even if they are different from my own.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

Curiosities: 1) “Natural Foods are the ones that do not contain any sort of hormones, sweeteners, food colours or flavourings that were not originally in the food” 2) Health foods can also be considered as Medicines because they have favourable effects on health” 3) According to a National Geographic study “The secret to live longer” is to have a diet based on low-calories, that is a diet that consist mainly of Fruits, Vegetables and Cereals.

Places where you can enjoy good “Cuisine Naturell”: Ristorante Joia, via panfilo castaldi, 8 – Milano/Italy; Kasvisbaari (Finnish Academy of Fine Arts) – Helsinki/Finland; Amico Bio, 44 Cloth Fair – London/UK; Terra Restaurante Natural, Rua da Palmeira 15 – Lisboa/Portugal; Golden Budha, 832 Clement Street – S. Francisco/USA

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