I Can "1000" Gourmet

Dear Readers,
it is with great pleasure and enormous pride that I announce you the reach of 1000 visits to "I Can Gourmet" Blog (in only two months). I would like to thank you all for your outmost interest, comments/suggestions and words of motivation.
This Blog is not mine is yours. It is a dedicated place where I can share my experiences with you all, and I do hope that with the help and support of some of you, we will be also able to share some of yours.
Life Style Gourmet is an interesting world full of interesting people and so many good stories to tell.
2011 will be definitely a good year and I promise you many more Posts and of course some surprises.
Once again thank you for 1000 visits, please spread the word and share the link with all your friends and relatives that share our interest in fine food and fine wines.
That is all for now.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Du Art

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