Is chocolate better than sex?

If Aztecs considered Chocolate an aphrodisiac why is that all foods containing Chocolate were strictly forbidden to women? Why in Vienna in the 17 century, the Professor Johan Franciscus Rauch condemned Chocolate as an inflamer of passions. Why? If now-a-days, it is a common romantic gesture to offer a box of Chocolates to our loved ones.
It is said that even the famous flamboyant Casanova used to drink his Cioccolata at CafĂ© Florian in Venice. According to Casanova, Chocolate was better than Champagne and called it the “elixir of love”.
I just know that Chocolate tastes good and makes me feel happy. I also notice that it is a welcomed gift to anyone.
In fact, in my many cherished childhood memories, there’s the one of Christmas Day eating full boxes of Chocolates while reading the new Asterix book or in a cold rainy winter morning having a full rich Chocolate drink at Cafetaria Suiza in Lisbon.
Chocolate makes people happy? Yes it does! Probably, because of the phenylethylamine, a naturally occurring amino-acid (considered by many as aphrodisiac). Do you know that it is the same substance release by your body when you are in love. It has also teobromine, by many confused with Caffeine, but with different effects in the human body, still a stimulant. And also, Serotonin, that provides a similar pleasure than sunlight.
It is this so-called feeling of euphoria that has hooked generations and generations to Chocolate.
Well, as per my personal example, Chocolate is not better than sex, but it also contributes to your mood elevation, provides you stamina, gives you pleasure and yes… it tastes good too.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

Curiosities: 1)Chocolate comes from the Aztec language "Xocoalt", Xoco meaning bitter and Alt meaning drink;
2) The solid form of Chocolate (Chocolate Bar) was created by a Dutch called Joseph Fry back in 1847; 3)Lately, it is said that because of Cocoa Plantation shortage, Chocolate can become as expensive as Caviar;

Places I have been, where you can enjoy good Chocolate: Caffe Tasse – Brussels, Belgium, Harrods Chocolate – London, UK, Hotel Sacher – Vienna, Austria, Guido Gobino – Torino, Italy, Platti – Torino, Italy, Teuscher – Geneve, Switzerland


Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed your post. It was funny, informative and most of all realistic, with real life experiences.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the States.
Thank you for your Post Chef Du Art, I am a big Fan of your Blog and I have really enjoyed reading this one.

Anonymous said...

What? No sex! Where's the fun in that.