After 11 o’clock only Tourists drink Cappuccino

Dear readers, today’s post is dedicated to the wonders of Italy and a caricature of many bloopers that might happen to you during a visit to this extraordinary country.
As you know in Italy people drink much Coffee but in many ways, hours and sorts.

The “patria” of the Expresso Machine has developed with time many varieties of the Expresso so here’s a compressive list:
-         Caffè Espresso (corto, lungo, in vetro, macchiato, schiumato, corretto, moretta fanese);
-         Caffè Napoletano;
-         Caffè Moldavo;
-         Caffè alla Nocciola;
-         Caffè al Ginseng;
-         Cappuccino (mocaccino);
-         Caffè Messicano;
-         Caffè Shakerato;
-         Caffè d’orzo;
-         Marocchino;
-         Melange Viennese;
-         Caffè Turco;
-         Caffè Frappè;
-         Irish Coffee;
-         Jamaican Coffee;
-         Caffè dello studente;
-         Caffè alla Valdostana;
-         Caffè du camagnard;
-         Caffè Brasiliano;
-         Caffelatte;

For example, you might have noticed that the title of today’s post is not a joke, it is true, in Italy only Tourist will ask for a Cappuccino after . Italians will look to you with a strange look. For the record, Cappuccino is made with Milk froth and not with cream.

Another Italian “cliché” is Pasta. There are more than 100 different types of pasta and every region has its own In the North you should not have Pasta together with Bread but in the South sometimes.

Tourists are treated differently than Italians and many Restaurants will take advantage with their English Menus with a different Charge.

Driving in Italy might be a lifetime experience, so be sure to understand the locals habits and be confident while you are driving. Like they say it here in Italy “You watch your front and let the all others watch your back”.

Be careful in North, it might happen that you cross the border to Switzerland without even noticing it, they do not accept Euros and you need a valid Passport. I know it is confusing because it is the Italian part of Switzerland but it is still Switzerland.

Be careful with the road signs, blue in Italy does not mean Highway like in other European Countries but instead Superway or normal road, Motorways in Italy are signed with Green colour.

Italians also have the habitude of talking with their hands. Here are some advices and/or lessons:
The open hand pointing with the thumb closed up in front of your nose means forget it.
The face of the hand down back and forward in front of your chest means let’s go.
The face of the hand down touching your repeatedly your side chest means I’m hungry.
Right hand facing up in circles means I’m angry.
Point of your Right hand fingers going from your chin in front means I don’t care;
Open harms and open hand with thumb up going from up to down versus your sex means take this.
Both hands face down in front your chest in the centre going open means enough.

Well, Italy is an amazing country and it is a privilege to live here. My piece of advice when visiting Italy is keep it simple and enjoy. True Italy can be seen in the small cities. Enjoy the food and the wines as well as a wonderful culture.

Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

P.S. Today’s Post is dedicated to Steve.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your dedication.
All I can say is that:
Italy and the Italian people are wonderful
Coffee is a morning drink
Switzerland is easy to enter with no ID and lastly as we say in Blighty -Merry Christmas