I can delicious Lobster Claw with Paccheri Pasta - Astice con Paccheri

Dear Folks,
last Saturday my friend and neighbour and I, together with our families organized a Gourmet dinner. Our sole objective was to create a delicious meal using only fresh and quality ingredients.
Because all of us enjoy seafood and with the first glances of Autumn, Summer nostalgia is kicking in, we have decided to use as main ingredient “Lobster Claw”.
Therefore, we have split the shopping list and gather together a few hours in his beautiful kitchen and start experimenting. The end-result was a big Uau, it came really delicious, so it is time to share it with you all, the good followers of this Blog.
Please bare in mind that it is pasta, thus you need to eat it immediately after it is prepared. Use a nice chilled dry White Muller Thurgau from Italy.
Hope that you will enjoy it as much as we did. It can also be considered an aphrodisiac dish, so you can prepare it for your loved one.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

Shopping List:
Fresh and alive Lobster Claw (1 for every two adults circa 400g.)
2 large red onions
Chili Powder q.b.
2 Garlic cloves
400g of small fresh red tomatoes
100g of Fresh Basil
1 Lemon zest
1 small pack of Saffron
1 kg of Pasta Gragnano Paccheri (large loops), 200g for every two adults.
Salt q.b.
Black Pepper q.b.
1 small glass of Cognac

Step 1) Slice the tail out of the Lobster Claw and slice in two half’s the head, slice into pieces the tail;
Step 2) In a large frying pan fry the onions, together with the garlic and the Chili Powder;
Step 3) Remove the garlic from the pan and add the pieces of Lobster Claw;
Step 4) Turn the pieces of Lobster Claw, it should be all fried. Once you are comfortable with the level of cooking add the cognac. Be careful as it will catch fire, don’t worry, it is normal and wait till it finishes, take the lobster out, retrive the shell from the small pieces and crush the big ones;
Step 5) Add to the mixture the small tomatoes sliced in half’s and the chopped basil (the fresh tomatoes and basil should have been prepared a few hours before and kept in the fridge);
Step 6) Mix once in a while all the mixture, lower the fire, wait till the tomatoes melt into a delicious sauce, add salt and pepper to your taste;
Step 7) Bring to boiling point a large pan with water, add salt, lemon peel and the saffron wait 5 minutes, retrieve a cup of this mixture and keep it aside, add the pasta and count ten minutes (if the cooking time of the pasta is 13 minutes);
Step 8) Take the pasta out using a strainer;
Step 9) Pour the pasta into the frying pan where the sauce and the Lobster Claw is and mix it. Add the cup of the water of the pasta and cook it all for another 3 minutes;
Serve it in a large tray and eat it immediately, pasta should be eaten hot.

P.S. This Post is dedicated to Adriano who invented this delicious dish.

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