I can delicious Filet Mignon in Crust with secret sauce

Dear Folks,
as you know, sometimes, people manage to still surprise you and when such event is a positive one, it can overwhelming.
In food it is exactly the same but sometimes better, because it involves many senses, such as smell, taste, sight, etc…
Today I am going to share with you a wonderful recipe. I did not had it in a Restaurant but in the house of my friend Fil, apparently it was something that his Grandmother use to cook for him.
It is a dish with several steps, so bear with me, still it will be all worth it, and I am sure that your guests will be impressed as it is not a common dish, still delicious.
It is a filet mignon in crust served with a secret sauce.
Such combination of strong flavour’s require a strong full bodied Red Wine.
Bon Apetit
Chef Gourmet Du Art

Shopping List
3 large filet mignon steaks (two fingers high)
150g of Ham
Rosemary branches Q.B.
Garlic Cloves Q.B.
1 Pack of Millefoglie Pastry (multi-layer ready pastry)
1 Egg Yolk
1 container of Anchovies
1 container of Capers
Olive Oil (good quality) Q.B.
Fresh Parsley Q.B.

Step 1) In a large grill pan rub it with olive oil (with garlic if you wish) and cook both side of the filet mignon steak (it is enough to make burn marks on both sides, leave it read in the middle (leave the steaks aside);
Step 2) Open the pastry in a tray, in the middle put the first steak (clean the blood before you place it in the pastry), add a slice of ham on top, and then a rosemary branch. Repeat it with all steaks and form a tower;
Step 3) Close the pastry by wrapping the tower. Make small slices on the top for better cooking;
Step 4) Pre-heat the hoven at 200°, place the pastry and control the cooking process, do not allow to burn, you can also from time to time try to turn the pastry for better cooking (be careful with liquids as the meat will release some blood);
Step 5) Whisk the Egg Yolk and cover the top of the pastry with it, let it be in the hoven for a few minutes still.
Step 6) When it is all cooked remove it from the hoven and let it rest for a bit;
Step 7) Crush four spoons of capers with anchovies, fresh parsley with a bit of olive oil. When you will have a smooth paste add more olive oil and mix it with a fork, place it in a sauce pot with a little spoon.
Step 8) Slice the pastry and serve one by person with the sauce over it.
Step 9) You can serve this delicious dish with hoven small potatoes if you wish.

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