Most aphrodisiac sea food in the world. Perceves (Goose Barnacle)

Dear Folks,
After a well-deserved and relaxed summer holidays in Portugal here’s a new post.
Today I am going to write about the most aphrodisiac sea food in the world, very expensive and more desired than lobster.
Perceves (in Portuguese and Spanish) or Goose Barnacle (in English) is a crustaceous that can be found in the Atlantic Coast of Europe namely in Portugal and Spain.
Highly appreciated in the Iberia Peninsula, Perceves are very expensive because they are fished by hand and it can very dangerous as they live in attached to rocks and cliffs were the waves of the brave and cold Atlantic Ocean are usually high and strong.
In Portugal, the best place for you to find this delicious food is in my home region, the Algarve (south Portugal) namely in the South-Western tip of Continental Europe. Famous for its natural beauty this region has the Natural Park of the Saint Vincent Coast. Sagres and this region is world famous as a meca for Surfers and also for the first maritime school in the time of Discoveries.
There’s a very small village called “Vila do Bispo” where many nice restaurants prepare delicious Perceves dishes and other fresh fish/sea food delicatessens.
Perceves not only have an enormous gastronomic value but also is very high in protein.
If you have the opportunity to visit Portugal, please pay a visit to the west coast, true that the waters are colder than the warm south coast, but the natural beauty, the waves and the food merits your visit and your appetite.
I am sure that the romantic sceneries of the ocean plus, amazing sunsets plus aphrodisiac Perceves will set both you and your partner in the mood.
If you manage to get some Barnacles in your city, do not forget to cook it currently, in Portugal the tradition is three times more water than the weight of the Barnacles, plus a garlic clove and a Bay Leaf. Fisherman cook it with seawater. Serve it with a nice chill dry white wine, I suggest Portuguese Porta de Murça.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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