I Can Tiger Prawn Fest

Dear Folks,
Still with my Summer Holidays memories freshly imprinted in my thoughts, I would like to share with my dear followers my abundant summer experience with Tiger Prawns. In Portugal we called them Camarao Tigre or vulgo Carabineiros, and they are huge.
Not only they are a wonderful delicatessen but also, as you know, aphrodisiac.
This crustaceous is normally found in Indian/Pacific Ocean but some varieties also exist in the coast of Africa and some in Portugal.
In Portugal we traditionally eat the Portuguese variant and also the one from Mozambique, delicious.
It’s considered a giant prawn because it can reach 33cm.
In Portugal we slice it in two half’s and we grill it in charcoal, then we use a salsa made out of melted butter, salt, black pepper, powder red paprika, loads of garlic, fresh parsley and of course Piri-piri (hot Chili sauce).
I hope you can try it at home, as it can be quite expensive, save it for a special occasion or to a party but with few guests, two half’s per person it’s enough if you have other food to serve (usually grilled fish).
I recommend a fresh dry Alentejo White Wine, Herdade do Esporao.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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