I can "Relax through Cooking"

Its 17h15, I need to run in order to catch the train that takes me back home. It is a good 30 minute walk to the station and I do it in a continuous fast pace.
It is 17h38 and I am entering the station, I am all sweaty but it was worth it, now I am walking towards my wife, she already knows the sound of my footsteps. She is happy to see me and I am happy to sit next to her.
It is 17h49 the train was right on time, now it is the hassle of finding not one but two free seats, preferably one next to the other.
I enjoy travelling in train I always did, one of my cherish childhood memories is the afternoon train ride from Portimao to Lagos with my mom. It is a 17km trip that crosses rivers and passes though the Meia Praia, its nice to travel side to side with the beautiful scenery of the blue ocean before entering in Lagos.
Now I am a grown up, the Train ride is not that magical anymore, still I enjoy doing it sitting next to my wife, we cuddle a bit, discuss whatever happened during our working day and negotiate what we should have for diner.
It is 18h14, the train arrives on time at our small city, it is not bad, a small clean town where everybody knows each other and has so much green, much better than sad grey polluted Milano.
We walk hand in hand till the School of our older daughter, when we arrive there she is playing with the other kids, she is happy to see us but also tired of a long day away from home and away from mommy and daddy.
Last stop-over before arriving home, we need to drive to pick our little one, he is with his Tata. He is watching TV and even if he is pleased to see us the Cartoons are far more interesting than grown ups.
Finally we are all in the car driving home, the kids start arguing with each other, it is a classic routine before arriving to our castle.
It is almost 19h00 we arrive home and we are happy to finally undress our business clothes and start relaxing.
So… I start cooking. Yes my idea of relaxation is cooking. I put some nice sound and I start watching the ingredients while drinking a glass of wine. I love being spontaneous, so I can mingle all sort of ingredients and prepare a fusion dish or even something less elaborated but equally attractive to the palate.
Today’s specialty is Asparagus Bismarck, something fast and easy to prepare that can be eaten with a wonderful full bodied alcoholic Red, something like Nero D’avola from Sicily.
The family was happy around the table eating discussing the adventures of the day.
Do not forget that cooking is a good stress releaser and that nothing can beat a family chat around the table (no TV).
Soon I will share with you readers this easy recipe.
Hope your enjoy it.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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