I proclaim Venice as the Romantic Capital of the world

Dear folks,
much has been said and declared about romantic places and/or cities.
Yes Paris is wonderful, what about Rome, but I fancy Vienna and also Prague. Lisbon is a city to walk hand in hand, Seychelles is where you want to be with your love one and so on and so on…
I proclaim Venice as the romantic capital of the world!!!
It is the only place in the world that gave me more than I was waiting for, and believe me I was waiting for a lot.
The city is just unique, you cannot find anything like that in the all world. The history, the views, the escapades, the weather, the culture, the romance, the food, the intrigue and the sex… Venice has it all.
To visit Venice is to walk in the past, to a time that does not exist any longer, you can actual feel how people use to live before.
Walk hand in hand and get lost in the many narrow little streets, take the vaporetto and feel the sea breeze in your face, take a Gondola and pass under the “Ponte dei sospiri”, enjoy a Bellini cocktail, take a hot chocolate in the same place of Casanova, buy a Venetian mask and play a role with your lover, seat down by the canals and watch the sunset, walk during the day, walk during the night, have a meal in the many cute small restaurants, visit the museums, visit the Cathedral, visit the Palaces, visit the S.Marcus square, visit the tower, visit Murano glass factory, visit the Lido, go the Casino, go to the Opera, go to the city festivities, enjoy it, enjoy it all.
So next time you fancy a romantic escapade, go to Venezia.
Here’s a list of small restaurants, that not only you will have a proper Venetian meal with excellent quality but also you will not over pay just because you are a Tourist, luckily there are still places where Venetians go and have a wonderful meal at decent prices.
1)      Osteria alla Vedova – Calle del Pistor
2)      Trattoria da Gigio – Campo San Leonardo
3)      Anice Stellato – Fondamenta de la Sensa
4)      Bancogiro da Andrea – San Polo, 122

Hope that you enjoy it as much as my wife and I did last weekend.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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