The Gourmets and Foodies

Dear readers,
I have been overwhelmed by the reach of my Blog. It has been receiving constant visits from all over the world, demonstrating the global reach of the cultural ideal linked with fine food, culinary and wine.
The main scope of the “I Can Gourmet” Blog, is not to prove my extended Gourmet knowledge to anybody. It is simply the means that I found, in order to share with you all, the aspects of this particular world that might generate your interest, being recipes, experiences, news, interviews, etc.
It is my outmost scope, to pursue, more and more, different ways to express such views. My sole satisfaction is your loyalty, interest, visits and comments.
So, let’s start with some Philosophical Gourmet. What am I? (or at least believe I am) And what are you? (or might become in a near future). I consider myself a lover of the fine food and fine wines (who doesn’t), its elaboration, its ingredients, their quality, places, etc. That would make me a so-called “Gourmet”, a Gourmand is different, and it is usually linked with one who enjoys food in large quantities.
As you know, French usually refuse to adopt foreign words and many refuse to communicate in another language either than French, well, the term gourmet has its origins in France, apparently it derives from the term of Wine Broker or “taste-vin”. Before Gourmet, French used the term “Friand”, that was the expression used to define whom who was “connoisseur” of delicatessens, not used for one’s primarily nutrition.
Lately, the term Foodie was introduced and used by the media as a synonym for Gourmet, many experts defend the true nature of the Gourmet against the Foodie, that is a clear separation between Gourmet (expert in fine foods and wines, also in its preparation, consumption, presentation, places, etc) and Foodie (food lover).
Without labels, my intention is to share with all you, Gourmets or Foodies, my thoughts about this lifestyle that we all love.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chef,
just a message of apreciation from an admirer and food enthusiast.
Since I came accross your Blog I have become a loyal and present reader.
Keep on the good posts.
Yours trully,