I can "Love Potion Cocktail"

Love is the air folks, today is Valentine’s so let the party begin.
Here’s a secret, an aphrodisiac cocktail that wil surely leave you and your loved one in the LOVE mood.
Not only is fresh and easy to drink, but also due to its secret ingredient is a sure thing.
While Ginger is commonly used in Asia it is not in Europe. Well, Ginger amongst a sea of medicinal properties is also a stimulant.
So now you know it, amongst its properties of spice, Ginger can also re-energise your Body and Soul, so much needed in a long romantic evening of Saint Valentine.
Hope you enjoy it.

Here's the shopping list:

1 Bottle of White Rum
6 Limes
q.b. Fresh Mint leafs
q.b. Fresh Ginger
2 Packs of Fresh Strawberries
1 liter of Pineapple Juice
q.b. Crushed Ice
q.b. Brown Sugar

Step 1) Slice the limes in quarters;
Step 2) Place 1 lime and five strawberries by each glass;
Step 3) Add the fresh mint leafs (6 large leafs will do) and the brown sugar (four tea spoons);
Step 4) Crush all the ingredients together;
Step 5) Grate the fresh ginger over the preparation and stir;
Step 6) Fill the glass with crushed ice almost till the top (leave two fingers empty);
Step 7) Fill half glass with the White Rum;
Step 8) Fill the rest with Pineapple Juice;
Step 9) Use a split Strawberry for decoration;

Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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