Valentine's Day Gourmet

Dear Readers,
Well today’s Post is dedicated to the Valentine’s Day, the wonderful day of the 14th February is celebrated by all you fun loving people next to your loved ones.
More than a date to spend money in useless things (like a giant Teddy bear), you Readers should consider having a wonderful romantic dinner, being at home or at a nice restaurant (with the proper atmosphere and good food).
As you well know, some recipes (ingridients) and drinks are linked with love (and sex), for so many reasons, some of them already explained in previous posts.
Taking this into consideration, you must plan in advance if you will prepare the dinner at home or in a certain restaurant.
Thus, my humble advice is to run a list of aphrodisiac foods and/or ingredients and plan in advance. Please remember, to avoid foods or drinks that you know, beforehand, that your Partner hates and/or is allergic to.
Take into consideration also the drinks; check the wines, the cocktails.
Check your list thoroughly. If you plan your dinner at home, be sure to find all ingredients and leave sufficient time to prepare everything. You must avoid stress, hurries and unpleasant surprises. The night has to be, simply perfect.
If you prefer instead to go a nice restaurant, be sure to control the menu, the beverages, and to make the reservations in time.
Important advice: flowers are a must, red roses, beautiful, fresh (ask for a simple bouquet, avoid tacky).
Chocolates are in order (but together with flowers) avoid mainstream normal chocolate boxes, choose instead some handmade chocolates.
For a more substantial present, go for jewellery and lingerie (forget anything else). Note that it is a romantic celebration, not Christmas or a Birthday.
Here are your Chef’s suggestions for ingredients (that are known to boost, both yours and your partners mood): Seafood (Oysters, Prawns), Spicy food (Chillies), Chocolate, Ginger, Vanilla, Strawberries, Asparagus, Celery.
Drinks: Champagne, Cocktails with aphrodisiac ingredients such as ginger;
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

Curiosities: 1) Saint Valentine was a early Christian Martyr 2) The tradition of sending cards for Saint Valentine’s day dates back to the 19th century 3) It is a tradition that is celebrated all around the world.

Places where you can enjoy a romantic meal: Ristorante Shambala – Milano/Italy; Alcantara Café – Lisboa/Portugal; Espaço Lisboa – Lisboa/Portugal, Thai Garden – Barcelona/Spain; OXO Tower – London/UK

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