I can “truthful Australia”

Dear Folks,
As you know I am also an enthusiast of History, and being Portuguese means that I was brought up with the idea that my small country discovered the all world and that we (as said in Portugal) gave new worlds to the world.
In past Post I have made some remarks about some facts that are not known to most of the public and that present Historians are not even trying to correct wrong information.
The other day I was watching a TV series in the National Geographic Channel (The history of Mankind) and that episode was about Captain Cook and when he arrived in Australia. In that episode, once again, he was presented as the discoverer of Australia.
In past Posts, I have explained how Cook used a Portuguese Map (Delphin Map) and also took with him Portuguese Translators, because Portuguese Navigators actually have sailed those seas centuries before him.
Well, last week I read a very interesting article, apparently in New York it will be sold in an Auction a Portuguese Document from the XVI century, where a Kangaroo is painted.
I leave all considerations and conclusions to all of you that are fun of world history and lovers of the truth.
Do not forget to pay a visit to Portugal, the land of the Discoveries. Go and walk through the streets of Lisbon filled with “Romanticism” and history. Enjoy the food and enjoy the kindness of its Folks.
Bon Appétit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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Anonymous said...

Uau, this is great stuff.
I always thought that the history of Australia was not exactly as I was told in school.
After I read the book "Beyond Capricorn" by Peter Trickett I was astonished by the bravure and the technical skills of the Portuguese Navigators.
Regards from Sidney