Portugal wins two Gourmet “Oscars”

The Gourmet International Academy met last week in Paris for the Gourmet Oscars awards.
Such prestigious academy awarded  two Portuguese Chefs amongst the winners.
Armando Fernandes, author of the book "À Mesa em Mação - Carta Gastronómica", and David Jesus, chef of the Restaurant Belcanto, owned by José Avillez, where tow of the main Gourmet personalities that most emerged according to the Gourmet Academy.
One award goes to "À Mesa em Mação" winner of the Gourmet Literature ("Prix de la Littérature Gastronomique").
Also awarded was Chef David Jesus, that daily presents the most sophisticated and interesting Portuguese Cuisine at Restaurant Belcanto owned by Chef José Avillez", according to the Gourmet Academy, he was awarded as the Chef of the Future ("Chef de L' Avenir").
Once again Portuguese Cuisine is breaking both barriers and prejudice and more and more “connoisseurs” are falling in love by such particular cuisine.
Hope that you have the chance to pay a visit to the Country that most have influenced the world and its habits as we know it.
Congratulations to the winners.
Bon Appetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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