Dear Folks,
it has been a while since I Posted a so-called polemic text. Thus, I will just allow my fingers to click along the board and let’s see what we will get in the end…
I left my home town back in 1995 and moved to London, being raised and born in a small fishing Tourism Town, life was easy, relaxed and we could just enjoy long warm days most of the year. The arrival in London was a mix of excitement and a lasting nostalgia from home, in Portugal we call it “Saudade”.
London was the center of the world for someone like me. A huge city full of all the things that a Western Youngster longs for… freedom, trends, availability, discos, pubs, museums, shops, restaurants, music, education and millions of people living together.
Once a friend of mine that grew up in London told me, “You see, living in a big city can be good or bad, for example you can walk throughout the street completely face painted and no one will pay attention nor look at you. This sense of freedom can be exciting (if you come from a small city where everybody knows you) but at the same time can be very scary, meaning that the other face of the coin is that no one’s cares if something bad happens to you.”
I have really enjoyed my time in London to the max and now-a-days I consider it also as my city, it is part of who I am today, I have learn a lot by living there. I've earned a Master’s degree at the University of Westminster and also worked in Harrods to pay for my costs, thus I can say that I have experienced quite  a lot in my 3 year stay.
I know now most of the city, its Museums, Palaces, squares, parks, markets, cool areas, trendy places, restaurants, stadiums, etc…
London can give you so much, but beware it is a very expensive city.
I have managed to visit the Michelin Star awarded Restaurant at the Dorchester Hotel or the OXO Tower Restaurant, but  attention, both are ridiculously expensive.
Thank God that at least museums are free now, you can enjoy the wonderful British Museum, the amazing National History Museum, the thrilling Science Museum, the highly quoted National Gallery, the vibrant Tate Gallery, the glamour Victoria and Albert Museum, the Imperial War Museum and so many others.
I will never forget the street performers of Covent Garden and Leicester Square, the cool bars of Soho, the West end Musicals, the crazy trendy Camden Town market.
If you know London, you will probably tell me… you forgot Madame Tussauds, the War Cabinets, Big Ben, St Paul’s, Westminster Abbey, the Royal Palace, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and the Parks…
No, I did not forget anything, I just believe that it is such a vibrant big city that one must live there in order to enjoy it to its most.
If you have the chance go to London (at least for a period) and become a Londoner.
Bon App├ętit,

Chef Gourmet Du Art

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