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Dear Folks,
it has been a while since my last Post and I do apologize, but you see I have been really busy lately…
You see I have been travelling to Paris, Sofia, Venice to name a few and I want to share some of the experiences with you.
In Paris, once again I have paid a visit to Willis Wine Bar in Rue des Petits Champs 13, a place that I know very well, as I have worked there back in 1997,98. I have missed Mark Williamson, still I have enjoyed a delicious meal an exquisite wine. The place is a bit different from my period, it is bigger now, still it was an emotional moment as I cherish my time and my youth passed there. I highly recommend it and also it is a good place for you to buy one of the famous Posters that they commission every year from different Artists, I actually ate under the very same poster that I have in my kitchen.
The other great place that we went out was Montmartre, for many it might look overcrowded and very touristic, well it is. Still, it is one of my favourite all time spots in Paris, as you can check good street Painters and also a few old places where famous use to hang out 100 years ago (Sisley, Degas, Cezane, Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh, etc).
I enjoy seating out at “ Le Consulat” and look at the walking crowds while drinking a vibrant Rose Wine.
Usually my wife and I have the “cliché” Moulle & Frittes, French Onion Soup and also the Escargots. A very French and Parisian night out.
In Venice we went out at one of my favourite places to eat real Venetian food, Trattoria Cà d’oro (La Vedova) at Calle del Pistor. A real delicious small trattoria where you can indulge yourself with real small traditional Venetian dishes, it is actually a place where real Venetians go to eat.
In Sofia you can enjoy wonderful traditional Bulgarian food at Chevermeto Restaurant in Bulgaria Boulevard, Sofia. Enjoy the greatness and particularity of a melting pot nation.
Well, it was not a Post dedicated to a single place but a testimony that the greatest thing that one can do is to travel, to enjoy new places, to discover different cultures and to taste exquisite food and dishes.
Bon Appetit,

Chef Gourmet Du Art

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