What is Brunch?

Quite simply is a mixture between Breakfast and Lunch, it is usually done on Sundays as an excuse to meet friends and family in a different environment rather than your home.
There are fabulous places where one can enjoy a wonderful Brunch and prices vary according to the degree of exigency that you might expect from the various providers.
At a certain stage of my life, Brunch became a habitude, it was certain that every Sunday I would go to the place Y and meet the friend Z. Never-the-less, and apart from any social stigma that one might encounter while adopting several behaviours (considered by many as Trends), BRUNCH can be an exciting experience.
Some locations are really amazing, like a private unknown garden, an amazing terrace with a breathtaking view, or just a river/sea front that offers you that holiday feeling in your home town.
Brunch are also more relaxed than your chosen posh restaurant, as they offer finger food or open buffet. Still, some places offer a good quality of choice.
So for all you tired of Brunch because it became hype, search for an alternative. There are always a new place opening next to you, which will remain quite secret till crowds arrive. Then, quite simply look for another one. For all of you that have never tried it, I strongly recommend it, it is a good compromise between failing your mothers cooking and still be able to mingle with the family.
I remember once having a wonderful Brunch inside a Glass Winter Garden built by a Queen, overlooking a beautiful garden, roof tops and the river. It was a very posh environment but not at all crowded, it seemed like a privilege for the very few that knew the place.
So have a go and then do not forget to tell me about your experiences.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

Curiosities : 1)While common in the States and Canada the term was introduced in England around 1896; 2) The typical hours of brunch are between 10am and 3pm; 3) French do not enjoy adopting foreign expressions, thus they simply call brunch as le grand petit déjeuner”

Places I have been that I can recommend you: Majestic – Oporto, Portugal, Le jardin au bord du lac – Milano, Italy, Estufa Real – Lisbon, Portugal, Sheraton Diana Majestic – Milano, Italy, Pain et Chocolat – Sao Paulo, Brazil, Dickens Bar at Excelsior Hotel – Hong Kong, China

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