The most famous wine in the world

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Spring is here, so with the rediscovered garden it is time to clean your grill and prepare your garden table and chairs.
Today’s post is dedicated to the wine that, for many, is considered the most famous in the world and one of the most sold ones as well. If you do not know it by now I will give another hint… a funny shape bottle (actually is the shape that also make this wine famous and its peculiar shape is a trade mark) and it is a Rosé wine. Did you guess it? Yes, we will discuss about Mateus Rosé.
Mateus Rosé is a young, vibrant, fresh, delicious, easy going wine that can be appreciate both during an aperitif and with meals (Asian or Seafood).
This famous wine comes from Portugal, the same area where Port wine is produced. Yes, the first DOC area in the world, the Douro region. Its producer Sogrape is a famous house that also produces acclaimed Port wines.
Here's some good stories and peculiarities about this famous wine.
Actually in Portugal the wine is not that famous, its is considered wine for Tourists, strange thing being the most famous and sold wine in the world. You can find this wine actually everywhere, sold in more than 120 countries.
Another good story is how the wine was launch, in this case in UK, one of the most eager for Portuguese wines market (historically due to the Alliance with England, the oldest diplomatic alliance in existence signed in 1373).
According to the urban legend this wine was introduced in the UK with a odd marketing campaign yet brilliant.
Apparently two Rolls Royce’s Cars were purchased and filled with bottles of Mateus Rosé then crashed one against the other and left there in the middle of the road completly destroyed. Such odd situation ignited the minds of all including the journalists that’s were searching for the owners and its story. Such incredible buzz lead to a over whelming popularity of the Mateus Rosé. A trendy wine search and enjoyed by all.
Another fact worth mentioning is the logo of the bottle, a famous barroc palace of the 18th century. This beautiful mansion (in Portuguese Solar) can be visited in Vila Real, it is actually owned by Sogrape. This famous palace is called "Solar de Mateus", so now you know also the reason why it is called Mateus ( or Matthew in english).
This iconic wine is enjoyed by me and my family during the warm summer nights especially with seafood.
I totally recommend it. Enjoy life enjoy Mateus Rosé. As we say in Portugal: “ Saùde”
Bon apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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