Quinta do Vallado awarded "Best Of Wine Tourism 2013"

Dear Readers,
One of the newest trends is the food and wine tourism, I promise to write about this particular trend in the weeks to follow, today I would like to congratulate the “Quinta do Vallado” that representing the city of Oporto, Portugal received the “Best of Wine Tourism 2013” award.
This ceremony was held in Florence, Italy in the Palazzo Pitti.
The network of Wynyard’s cities celebrates this annual awards, in order to reward the best of the best in “wine tourism” players.
Besides the city of Oporto, the network also include Mainz (Germany), Mendonza (Argentina), Cape Town (South Africa), San Francisco (USA), Bilbao (Spain), Bordeaux (France), Florence (Italy) and Christchurch (New Zealand).
The awarded Wynyard “Quinta do Vallado” is still owned by the family of the famous Antonia Adelaide Ferreira, or simply Ferreirinha for the “connoisseur’s”. It received the “Best of Wine Tourism 2013” award in the category of “Architecture and Landscape”.
With its 70 hectares of Wynyard’s in the hills of both the river banks of Corgo River, nearby the town of Regua, this “Villa” is world famous for the quality of its wines and now became equally famous also for the quality of its rural wine hotel and its marvellous landscapes.
On behalf of the “I can Gourmet” blog I would like to express my congratulations for this important award that not only demonstrates the enormous potential of Portugal in this new trend of Tourism but also my pride in being Portuguese and give a helping hand in further spreading the word.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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