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 Dear readers,
You must have noticed that recently I have Posted about Wine Tourism, thus as promised here’s the second official guest of the “I Can Gourmet” Blog to be interviewed.
Gianni Martino, is a passionate "Milanese Sicilian", President of H.T.M.S. International, the world largest Destination management consulting firm.
A true globetrotter able to run the international offices of his 25-year-old company, while opening a wine-bar in the centre of Milan, teaching in English at the prestigious MIB School of Management in Trieste and dreaming to farm his own vineyards in Sicily where his "stress reduction" resort is under construction.
Chef Gourmet Du Art: So, Gianni, thanks for conceding us your first interview in our Blog, can you briefly describe us your latest adventure, DELITALY?

Gianni: Delitaly is the first tour operator that specializes in food & wine holidays and short-breaks in Italy and abroad. A true specialist providing Italians and foreign travelers with unforgettable travel experiences.

CGDA: Uau, that is really exciting, I am sure that our Blog followers worldwide will appreciate such opportunity, can you tell us how really differs from a normal Tour Operator?

G: Food and wine tourism it's not just part of the activities within the company. It's the sole objective. Note that the initiative is a joint venture between a tourism international firm: HTMSM International; and a wine marketing and distribution specialist: Autoctono.

CGDA: You know that the I Can Gourmet Blog has a global audience, is DELITALY only meant for Italians or anyone from anywhere in the world can use your services?

G: It's actually more focused on food and wine conscious travelers no matter where they come from. Locations and services are combined to match the highest traveler’s expectations.

CGDA: How can they contact DELITALY?

G: One can call at +39 02 92112658;or visit us  via web at: www.delitaly.it ; or simply sending us an e-mail to: info@delitaly.it

CGDA: Can someone already with a trip booked for Italy, or that owns Summer house, use only the Cooking courses or any of the organized trips to vineyards for example?

G: All travel packages are combinations of services that could be in most cases booked separately. Cooking classes and wine tasting in particular can be booked out of a wide range of opportunities for both individuals and groups. Very interesting is the offer for corporate clients that can experience a number of team building and motivation activities as well as conference related programmes.

CGDA:  I know that you are a very busy person, but still I have to make you this question, how do you do it? You are involved in so many different projects?

G: Just passion. Most of the projects that keep me busy are focused on providing customer with positive food and wine related experiences. That's positive for me as well. At the end of the day my dream is to be the farmer of my own farm in Sicily. The opening there of the retreat in April this 2013 will take me closer.

Well, thank you Gianni for your interview, we will be looking forward also to have you here in our Blog once again to discuss about your future projects.
As they say in Italy “in bocca al lupo” All the best.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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