Dear Folks,
I have just returned from a business trip from Mexico City, what a great place. It was my first time in Mexico, so I was worried about my security after reading about all the news of the Drug War Cartels but I was also excited in visiting a country that I have long wished visiting.
My first and lasting impression after this visit goes to the Mexican People, they are genuine and extremely friendly. I was a bit appalled by the way that some “Gringos” (US Americans) treated the poor Mexicans.
Mexico is a vibrant country that finally and after years of lost opportunities is claiming its place amongst the most exciting economies in the world.
Mexico city (the biggest city of the world) is a capital where one can literally find everything and a place where you will for sure not be bored.
The food is divine, being the local food excellent but a word goes as well to some very nice International Restaurants (especially Argentinian ones).
A word of appreciation to a special place, a Trendy and Modern Mexican Restaurant called Porfirio’s, where traditional Mexican food is enjoyed in a sofisticated environment.
Tacos are go… if you are in Mexico you will soon realize how delicious and different flavour multiple choice Tacos can  be. In Mexico you can have them from dusk to dawn. I have also tried the ones with Ant eggs, Crickets and Grasshoppers (delicious).
Tequila is the must, do not be fancy and request Wine, after all you are in Mexico. Local food with its many flavours, smells and tastes are to be enjoyed the local way, meaning with Tequila (reposada or Vieja).
If you stay in the fancy Polanco area like I did, you will find the Mexican Rodeo Drive shopping street with all famous brands available, many nice restaurants, cafes and places to chill out.
I suggest Cantina La 20, an exciting place where you do not know if you are in a sports bar, a restaurant, a disco it is a mixture of all three where you have Mariachis Bands, Fortune Tellers, Taco’s, cocktails, etc… all enjoyed alongside trendy, modern and beautiful Mexican People.
Do not miss the opportunity and pay a visit to the Museum of Anthropology, it is in amazing and huge Museum that you will find the Aztec, the Mayan and the Teotihuacan artefacts. The famous Sun Stone can be found there and I am still dazzled after seeing it live.
Just 45 minutes’ drive from Mexico City you can visit the city of the Gods, Teotihuacan. In this city you can find the pyramids (the one for the Sun and the one for the Moon). It has a huge avenue called the Street of the Dead. It was in its days the biggest city in all Americas. It merits your visit and you will never forget it as long as you live. A piece of suggestion, buy a hat next to pyramids and not in the places where they teach you the stone art and pre-Hispanic life. The differences can be from 200 down to 20 pesos.
Another word of advice is that Mexican’s expect a tip, therefore have always with you some coins or small bill pesos, as they are extremely friendly and hard workers but expect reward.
I hope that I have managed to create curiosity towards Mexico.
Bon App├ętit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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