In Wine fuck the new trends and save tradition

Dear Readers,
you might have noticed that I am being writing more about wine than any other argument lately.
Today’s Post is dedicated to some of the newest trends in wine. Don’t be excited just yet, wine world is very conservative and there’s not much room for development and experimentation, thus Wine Houses, Producers have started playing with the outer stuff.
The outer stuff, as I call it, is the bottle, the label, the box of the wine bottle and the cork.
As long as you do not play with the content of the wine, (the precious nectar) it is ok with me but let me tell you that adding a screw metal top to a nice bottle of wine or a plastic cover is not a nice thing as well.
It is not nice for so many different reasons, you do not unscrew a metallic cover of an expensive wine, and you do not generate more demand for plastic if you are using a millenary tradition of cork taps that are both ecological and safe.
My humble contribution today is to tell you not to purchase any wines that do not have a cork tap, the reason why can be seen in the video provided.
Please spread the word.
As we say in Portugal: “Saùde” Good health when you raise your glass of wine.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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