The Best Red Wine in the World 2012 - Poliphonia 2008

Dear readers,
If you remember well, in my last post, I have transcript a passage of an interview of Mr. Baudouin Havaux (President of Brussels World Wine Contest) where he declared that Portugal was the European country where Wine has registered the biggest development in terms of quality.
I do not if it was a premonition or not, but the truth is that the Wine that this year’s won the CMB was the Portuguese Red Poliphonia 2008.
It is produced by Henrique Granadeiro in the wine region of Alentejo. If you are a follower of my Blog you have noticed that I often suggest Alentejo Red Wine together with some of my recipes.
It is made with Alicante Bouschets grapes and aged in French Oak Barrels.
I would like also to emphasize that this year’s edition of CMB had the participation of more than 8.400 wines in competition from 50 different countries of origin. Portugal participated with almost 1.000 which represents a growth of 44% when compared with the past edition.
Here’s my humble contribution in the divulgation of Portuguese Wine and also a word of appreciation and congratulations. Keep on the good job.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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