I can "Consommé" Tarator Cocktail soup

As you already know, I am a preacher of the so-called “Fusion Cuisine”, which is play with different traditional recipes of a given country and mix it with key elements of another country.
It is a fun process with its failures but also with its glories.
Today’s advice is a traditional “Yogurt Soup” from Bulgaria but transformed into a fashion statement of the true “Fusion Cuisine” admirer.
I am sure that you will impress your guests with such “Cool” novelty.
You can serve this “consommé” soup has an Appetizer for your guests prior to a meal.
Do not tell them that it is a soup, wait for their comments and then, at the end surprise them.
Hope that you will enjoy it.

Here's the shopping list:

2 Cucumbers
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 Garlic Clove
4 Natural Yogurts (without sugar)
1lt. Mineral Water
Q.B. Walnuts
Q.B. Salt
Q:B. Dry Dill

Step 1) With a grater pass all two cucumbers into a bowl
Step 2) Also grate the garlic clove
Step 3) Add the olive oil
Step 4) Than Natural Mineral Water (+ - 1 litre)
Step 5) Add the 4 Natural Yogurts and mix thoroughly
Step 6) Add the salt and the dill, continue mixing
Step 7) Crush the Walnuts and also mix it with the prepare
Step 8) Add ice cubes to the prepare and live it to rest in the fridge (half an hour before you serve it)
Step 9) Pour the content in separated cocktail glasses
Step 10) Decorate each glass with a Cucumber slice and a leaf of dill on the top

Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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