Wonderful Cod Fish Lasagna - Lasagna de Bacalhau

Dear Readers,
As promised, in order to celebrate the 10K milestone, here it is a surprise.
I was wondering what to do in order to properly celebrate the occasion, should I write a “Hot Post” like the famous “Is Chocolate better than Sex?” or should I present you a new recipe? Ummm… Tough call.
I have decided to reward you with a new brand recipe, just recently tried at home, my family loved it.
I have created a mix between Portuguese traditional Cod Fish Recipe and the famous Italian Lasagne. The mingle resulted as “Wonderful Cod Fish Lasagne”. I think that it is a wonderful way of not only reward your loyalty but also pay my honours to Italy (country where I am presently living) and Portugal (my birth place).
I believe that this recipe would go wonderfully with a chilled Dry White Wine why from Alentejo region of Portugal.
Hope that you will enjoy it.

Here's the shopping list:

4 pieces of salted Cod
q.b. Olive oil
q.b. Garlic
q.b. Freshly grated Parmesan Cheese
1 Large Onion
2 Packs of small cooking Cream
Sea Salt and Black Pepper
q.b. Butter
q.b. of Clove of India (spice)
q.b. of Bay leaf
q.b. of Milk
q.b. of Black Olives
q.b. of Piri Piri (Chilli Powder)
q.b. of White Flour
1 Can of Chopped Tomatoes
1 Box of Lasagne Pasta
1 Mozzarella Cheese
1 Fresh Large Green Pepper

Step 1) Leave the Cod inside water for at least a day (change water three times);
Step 2) Cook the Cod just in water;
Step 3) After is cooked leave it to rest inside cold water, this will make it easier to the next step;
Step 4) With your hands break the Cod flesh in small pieces, be careful to remove any skin and bones;
Step 5) Chop the onion and green pepper in small pieces and fry it with the garlic and Bay leaf;
Step 6) When is golden add the Cod Fish and fry it for 5 minutes, add Pepper and if you like it a little bit spicy some Piri-Piri (chilli powder);
Step 7) Add the can of chopped tomatoes and leave it to cook (you can add a bit of white wine);
Step 8) Melt some butter in the frying pan, add the Flour and stir;
Step 9) Add some hot milk and stir, it will become solid, don’t worry;
Step 10) Add some salt, pepper, the Clove of India and the Cooking Cream, continue to stir;
Step 11) On a cooking Tray place the lasagne pasta in the bottom;
Step 12) Cover the lasagne with the Cream;
Step 13) Cover the Cream with the Cod;
Step 14) Cover the Cod with the grated parmigiano cheese and pieces of the Mozzarella cheese
Step 15) Repeat the process till you have filled the tray. Do not forget to add loads of cheese on top;
Step 16) Pre-heat the oven at 250° and lace the tray inside;
Step 17) Control the cooking process as the recipe will be ready when it gains a crispy golden colour.
Step 18) Add some black olives over the top and serve the tray directly to the table;

Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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