It’s a new world out there

Dear readers,
Since I became an Iphone user, I have noticed that you literally carry the world with you in your hands, pocket, bag or purse.
The Post of todays is in the same line of thought, that is, here’s a brief enumeration of 2012 newest trends in Gourmet World.
Food and food preparations are now being helped and supported by advance technology, as I joke now-a-days with the Iphone, there’s literally an app for everything. So many Top Sommeliers are actually using Ipads wine lists.
It seems that in the Americas the Peruvian wave has arrived, that is the food from Peru is gaining notoriety and followers. There’s actually a new fusion called Matsuhisa, which blends Japanese and Peruvian dishes.
Well let’s wait and see if this American craze will arrive in Europe and in the rest of the world.
In the cocktail world Beer is finally catching up with its peers. You will be surprised to find out how many trend and cool new cocktails are being created with the use of beer. Beggar’s Banquet, Cezanne and Aziza are just a few cool beer cocktails that you can enjoy. Cheers.
Molecular food preparation has been always involved in polemics, as you have the purist that completely are against it and the new comers that are eager to create with new innovative methods. So, once again you observe the advent of the Molecular Gastronomy.
On the other extreme of the technology there’s a return to Comfort food, that is food that in so many ways is identical to home meal. You can observe a return to Farm-to-table or Italian nostalgia.
Well it seems that now-a-days the generation “social-media” are in permanent contact with one another and the spread the word event happens in blink of an eye. Food and Foodies are in contact with one another even from the far corner of our good planet hearth and communicate, inform and share all sorts of cool information.
Well, this Post is a good example of this.
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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