"Just say Da!"

Dear Readers,
it has been quite a while that I do not write a Post from real life experiences.
Here it goes. Have you ever been in a situation where he or she tries somehow to condition your choices in a Restaurant?
I am sure that this question has aroused a smile in your face.
It is in our very human nature to control our soul mate and/or condition his/hers choices and/or behaviours.
A few days ago my wife and I went for a nice meal with a friendly couple and we have assisted once again to the mind games behind what it would be a simple choice of a given Wine and a Dessert.
It came to a point where the girlfriend simply and quite naturally told his boyfriend “Just Say DA”. Well you might have noticed that there is a mixture of English and Russian, which the true phrase is “Just Say Yes”.
I am not trying to criticize such behaviour as I am (sometimes) victim of similar attitude from my wife and in the other hand trying to influence/condition my wife’s choices as well.
The bottom line is compromise, which is sometimes to accept so that our soul mate is happy and sometimes you do it to make you feel like the Boss.
The strange fact about accepting such behaviour from our soul mates is that what in theory would make us feel uneasy, frustrated and upset make us feel, instead, content.
If you have felt such feeling, do not worry, it is a good thing. You have simply found your soul mate. You see each and every one of us have a purpose (I love to believe in this), a reason to be here, to this or that, a reason to find someone and strangely feel that you want to be next to that person all your life and that you belong to him/her.
We are all born with a philosophical quest and truth of “what I am doing here?”, then our upbringing, our social stigma’s, pressures, cultural constraints, family conditioning, religion beliefs have somehow affected our natural perception of recognizing our true soul mates.
So, my humble contribution of today is, if you believe that you have finally found your soul mate “Just say Da!”
Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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