I can fun cocktail "Corridinha" or the race

Dear readers,
one of my many cherish memories is, of course, drinking “Corridinhas” with my friends in Praia da Rocha, Portugal.
The origin of this cocktail is quite a mystery but I can say for sure that it was firstly sold at “Outro Bar” still when Salvador was running it and playing cool music as DJ.
I can not say how many “Corridinhas” I have drunk in that bar or to be more precise how many I have drunk in my all life. I just know that it is a funny cocktail that not only boost your energy, stamina, humour, but also brings people together, and that my friends is the real secret of this miracle called “Corridinha”.
So next time that you go out to a pub or a disco, ask for a “Corridinha”, I am pretty sure that they will not know what you are talking about (if you are not in Praia da Rocha), thus tell the Bartender the ingredients and you can start your fun.
Here’s a tip that will change your life. If you happen to see a girl or a boy that you fancy, ask for a “Corridinha” and while you enjoy it with your friends, the group then must behave loud and cause an impression. Then ask for another one and start inviting people around your group to have a go with you guys. Then ask for another one and ask her or him to join your group and your “Corridinha”.
There you go… a fun way to meet people and to start a conversation. If you really want to impress her or him, keep on asking for more : )
Do not forget that this particular ingredients mixed together have a fun reaction, that is, you will be more fun, more energetic and behave also like having Duracell batteries. Run longer and further, if you can read between the lines.
Do not forget that you should drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.
If you wonder where Praia da Rocha is… it is in my hometown of Portimao in southern Portugal, down in the Algarve region. It is a famous Tourist destination where loads of young people go and have fun. Beautiful long sandy beach.

Here's the shopping list:

1 large bucket full of ice
q.b. straws (to every person)
Vodka (quality Russian Vodka) the quantity depends of size of bucket 2 fingers by person
Redbull (fill the bucket to the top)
Absint (dash on top)

The ritual:

Each person place the straw in the bucket till the bottom, the leader must yeal 1,2,3 and all should suck till its over, it is forbiden to withdraw.

Enjoy your cocktail, enjoy your “Corridinha” experience.
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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