I can Hummus with crispy Lamb

Dear All, the good weather finally arrived and with warm sunny days here it is a simple but delicious fresh recipe.
It is a dish that is prepared all around the Mediterranean and Middle East, I believe that it is a nice compromise between simplicity, spontaneity, good taste and a wonderful excuse to receive friends for a small Tapas.
The way that I present to you today is the national dish of Syria.
I suggest having it with iced beer or with a crispy White Wine.
Hope that you will enjoy it.

Here's the shopping list:

1 large can of Chick Peas
q.b. Olive oil
q.b. of Garlic
q.b. Fresh Mint leaf
q.b. Salt
1 Lemon (juice)
1 Spoon (large) of Strong Mustard
q.b. Black Pepper
300g of Lamb

Step 1) Pour the chick peas in a large bowl;
Step 2) Add the lemon juice, olive oil, the mint, garlic, salt and pepper and the mustard;
Step 3) Pass it with the blender;
Step 4) Add hot water to the prepare and continue blending it;
Step 5) Pay close attention to the quantity of hot water, so pour it in small quantities time after time till it gains your favourite consistency;
Step 6) Place the prepare in a container, close it and let it rest in the Fridge;
Step 7) Slice the lamb in small stripes;
Step 8) In a frying pan with a small table spoon of olive oil fry it till it gains a crispy texture;
Step 9) Pour the Hummus prepare in a large dish, and with the help of a spoon cover the dish with the prepare;
Step 10) Pout the cryspy lam on top of the Hummus and serve it as a center table Tapas dish;
Step 11) I advice to eat it together with a good sliced bread (Focaccia type will do it);

Bon Apetit,
Chef Gourmet Du Art

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