New Wine Trends - 2013

1.       USA became the first wine market in the World. Even though it is not a sophisticated market and not the biggest wine consumer market per capita (like the European countries), the USA is living a Wine rush. It became popular, trendy and hype to have wine during the meal in North America. Like someone said, “Wine is the new Black”;

2.       The advent of web and the proliferation of social media is hammering the famous wine critics, folks take into account Blogs (such has mine) to seek for advice;

3.       Craft Beer is becoming popular, as a matter of a fact, beer tastings events are becoming more and more common leading for a new discovery of Beer values, such novelty could affect wine consumption;

4.       The present economic crisis is actually changing the wine lists of most Restaurants, the famous “small is beautiful” phrase is actually in motion now-a-days, and restaurants are limiting their wine offer because of stock costs;

5.       Counterfeiting famous wines is and will remain an issue as long as consumers are ready to pay enormous sums of money for a bottle of wine;

6.       Wine auctions register a slowdown, mainly because of a certain standstill of the Chinese economy;

7.       Burgundy is replacing Bordeaux, both in wine auctions and in the famous Restaurants shelves;

8.       Moscato, Sweet Reds and Porto are becoming more and more popular, especially for new wine fans;

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